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Introduction of Xinhengfa Circular Saw
Circular saws can be divided into metal circular saws and woodworking circular saws according to the processed products. According to the feeding method, it is divided into vertical, horizontal and scissors. According to the control method, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. And equipped with special racks according to demand. Among them, the control interface of the full-automatic circular saw machine adopts the operating system developed based on PLC's HMI technology, which is usually equipped with a touch screen and an operation panel. Using human-machine interface, as long as the operator enters the parameters such as material size, processing quantity and other parameters, the system will automatically adjust the complex parameters such as the blade speed of the saw and the feed rate (cutting speed) of each tooth according to the entered parameters. In order to provide the easiest way for the operator. This type of circular saw machine has high safety. Generally it works in a fully closed state. When a failure occurs, it can automatically stop and alarm, which can avoid personal injury and equipment loss, and it has very high processing efficiency. High control precision, fast cutting speed, the center operation of the fully automatic circular saw machine is completed automatically, and the staff can use it after a short training, and controlled by PLC (no need for CNC program or other special expertise)
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Determinants of circular saw price
Circular saw machine prices have always been relatively vague, the same model, the same brand of different companies will buy different prices, maybe some companies will feel strange, then we must first analyze the factors that determine the market price what.
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Characteristics of Xinhengfa Broadband Sander
Characteristics of sander ⒈ There are many dusts in the use environment. The equipment should be specially designed to ensure stable operation without being affected. ⒉The equipment is precise but the quality of the operators is low. The equipment operation and adjustment should be designed as simple and intuitive as possible, and special personnel should be trained in operation. ⒊The abrasive belt is relatively easy to deviate. The belt control system must be stable and the protection belt and brake system must be reliable. ⒋The thickness of left and right is not uniform, and the worktable lifting system is stable. ⒌Long use time but poor maintenance, strengthen the maintenance regularly to extend the service life.
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